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                                                           Alexander Pushkin, "Egyptian Nights"

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bookValentina Kalistratovna Beletskaya


The Wandering Voice


Compozitor Publishing House • Saint-Petersburg






Fedor Dostoevsky

Netochka Nezvanova

(1 act, in English)

The premiere of "Netochka Nezvanova" - a new adaptation of Dostoevsky`s masterpiece - took place on 3 August 2006 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Netochka Nezvanova had a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2006, where it got great reviews, incl. ✰✰✰✰✰ review from British Theatre Guide. Netochka is also a Winner of St.Petersburg Independent Theatre Festival “Rozhdestvensky Parade” 2006. It also received Diploma for Theatre of High Literature. Netochka participated in Last round of St.Petersburg International Monologues Festival 2007. The performance was staged at the New End Theatre (London) in Feb-March 2007 and Jun-February 2008.




"Filatova gives a luminously radiant and desperate performance as the abandoned girl, against a background of light and music co-ordinated with great style by director Alexander Markov."





"If Vera Filatova does not win the Stage's award for best acting at the Fringe, then there ain't no justice! This is a beautiful performance, almost an acting masterclass. Her voice is strong enough to soar above some loud music and yet drop to a whisper when necessary and still be heard with extraordinary clarity. Not only that, it is a very flexible voice, and she makes the most of that flexibility.

This is a simply stunning performance in every way and deserves five stars on that alone, but the piece itself is strong too - as one would expect from one of Russia's (and the world's) greatest novelists. ... It's a simple format - straightforward storytelling - but it is hard to see how it could be bettered."




"This is an intelligent piece of work. Dostoevsky as performed by this young actress is indeed a real Dostoevsky! It's astonishing how she carries a word...Each word is saturated with meaning... Markov shows himself as an experienced interesting director while voice coach Valentina Beletskaya does an amazing job at working through text... The music is ideal - works well as a background and speaks for itself when the actress is silent... This is an excellent adaptation, both in its style and in its quality. There is a real purity of genre."


G.V.KOVALENKO, member of the St.Petersburg Independent Theatre Festival`s jury



Vera Filatova (Netochka Nezvanova)



The performance was created by the following people:



Actress Vera Filatova

Director of voice Valentina Beletskaya

Director Aleksandr Markov

Executive producer in London Caterina Capodilista


Text of performance - Russian Nights Theatre


Duration of performance – 1 hour

The was staged in Edinburgh, London, St.Petersburg.

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